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DUBturbo is music production software which enables a user to produce high quality music beats on a PC or laptop in a user friendly manner. Users benefit greatly from a wide array of beat making accompaniments whose quality can be equated to that of a professional in the highly competitive music industry. As a beatmaker, the software is inclusive of beat samplers, synthesisers and many more accompaniments making it one of the most sought after beatmaker in the market. Not only is it exceptionally fast but also costs quite less when compared with other products in the market. DUBturbo is relatively easy to use with users being taken through a tutorial to get them ready to use the software to make their favourite music. With these tutorials, users are able to quickly understand the music making process and advance to more complex processes in the software.

There are a number of advantages which makes the DUBturbo better than other beatmakers on offer in the market and its user friendly interfaces enable users to adapt to making beats with the software in a significantly shorter duration. The quality of music from this software has enabled many users to realise an alternative form of income by producing high quality beats with the software. What is important for a user of this software to note is that it is important for one to have a computer system that is less than two years old so as to appreciate the quality of beats and music produced.

DUBturbo, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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